April White - Sgaana Jaad ~ Killer Whale Woman


Island Arts Expo

Island Arts ExpoNovember 3rd & 4th, 2012
At the Lighthouse Community Centre in Qualicum Bay, BC
Web posted Nov 1, 2012

Archived news...

All of April's prints available for viewing online!

Summer SunWhether you've met April or seen her work before, you're in for a treat! We have now added all of April's prints to the site. The image at left, Haida Sun, is her latest print, one in the series of four. Browse her work or choose from one of several catagories: Hand-Pulled Serigraphs, Serigraphs on Cedar Paper, Serigraphs with Watercolour, Giclees, or Lithographs. Keep checking back as we add some of her Original paintings and Argillite Carvings!
Web posted March 6, 2010

New Cedar Paper Prints!

Cedar Paper PrintJust in time for the summer, April has added an exciting new type of print to her repertoire! Hand-Pulled Serigraphs on Handmade Cedar Bark Paper (she makes the paper too). Email us for more information and to hear about her other new prints, and keep checking back as we add more and more to this site.
Web posted June 2, 2009

April's artwork featured on new Ferries

New BC FerryApril has her work displayed on two new BC Ferries vessels. She is the featured artist on the Northern Adventure (Pursers square display), which is on the Prince Rupert/Skidegate run, and is one of the artists on the Northern Expedition, on the Inside Passage (Prince Rupert/Port Hardy) run.
Web posted March 24, 2009

April interviewed on CBC Radio

April was recently featured on North by Northwest, hosted by Sheryl MacKay. Listen to the inverview here (the free Realplayer is needed to listen to this file).
Web posted December 5, 2008

New Book about April!

New April White BookIn mid 2008, a beautiful new book featuring the paintings of April White was published. It includes over 40 full colour images, covering the 25 years that April has been painting.

Edited by Judy Tyabji Wilson and published by Maradadi Pacific, this book shows examples of April's watercolour paintings, formline prints, and the stories and legends behind each piece.
Web posted December 5, 2008

Killer Whale - a painting by April White
"Killer Whale" - a painting by April White
and the image on the front of her new book.

A message from award winning Haida artist April White...

"I invite you to view the artistic expression of my creative journey that divines its embryo of inspiration from my birthplace, Haida Gwaii (Colonially aka Queen Charlotte Islands)."

"This world of my ancestors' is breathtaking beauty and bounty woven with the supernatural; a place where everything is capable of shifting shape and changing function. Intuitively, I try to release the imagery by painting with watercolour and acrylic, printmaking in formline, designing Button Blankets and Vests, carving the indigenous stone, Argillite, and transcribing my understanding to words."

"The magic I feel is so vivid I can only hope to convey but a glimmer so that you may too: smell and even taste the sea, beach and landscape, celebrate and witness First Nations' Potlatch ceremony, touch the weathered cedar of totem poles and enter longhouses in ancient Haida villages, cock your ear to listen for Raven."

"Wrap yourself in a blanket of moss as we travel from cyberspace to Planet Earth, North America, Canada, British Columbia, the Northwest Coast, and Xhaaidlagha Gwaayaai... Islands coming out of Concealment... Islands on the Edge of the World..."

"My great great Tsinni is the renowned Stastas Eagle Chief and Haida artist Charles Edenshaw. I strive to honour him."

"Dlunglas Kil'laagan."

- April White
December, 2008

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